Derby Scholarships

Roll Out seeks to expand access to roller derby for youth and adults while promoting a culture of athleticism, empowerment, inclusion and respect.  We are  committed to serving aspiring skaters no matter their  financial means and strives to make the sport of roller derby accessible to all. We offer financial assistance to qualifying participants seeking to enroll in partner programs. 

Financial Assistance Guidelines

• All participants  requesting financial assistance must complete the Roll Out Financial Aid Application and submit it, with proof of income and/or federal assistance (ex. free/reduced lunch acceptance letter, public assistance voucher, or pay stubs if other proof not applicable etc.), to the Roll Out  Treasurer ( Incomplete applications will be returned. All information will be kept confidential. 

• A limited amount of Financial Aid is available. Applications are approved on a financial need, geographical location, personal essay and how it aligns with Roll Out’s mission, vision and values statements.

• Application deadlines vary and Roll Out seeks to reopen the application process as funds become available.  Please refer to posted guidelines and email for additional information. 

• Applicants may  apply for full or partial assistance. To reduce costs for all aspiring skaters, we ask that families seeking aid specify if they could participate on partial assistance. 

• Financial aid does not carry over from season to season. Participants  must submit a new application each year . Annual renewals will be accepted on November 1 for the following year with a 30 day review process to allow returning families ample time to plan accordingly.

• Preference is given to those applicants whose families qualify for public assistance programs such as school lunch subsidies, medical assistance and unemployment insurance.

• Financial assistance is intended to to cover skater registration. Limited gear scholarships may be available. Loaner gear will be made available to all skaters on a first come, first serve daily basis. Merchandise, uniforms, travel costs, and bout/event tickets are not included.

• Any participants must meet their minimum participation requirements or risk being in noncompliance and possible revocation of their scholarship funding. Those skaters who cannot meet their minimums may be eligible to defer their scholarship.  Written notice of the cause for deferment must be giving to Roll Out Treasurer before noncompliance. 

 • All applications are reviewed by the Financial Assistance Committee. 

• All complete applications will be reviewed. Participants will be notified of their assistance allocation within 30 days of complete submittal.