Local Chicano Beer Company Partners with Roll Out

Roll Out is proud to announce a partnership with Cerveza Xteca, a local Chicano founded and operated beer company. Founders Mario Lopez, Fred Sotelo and Javier the X-Man, radio personality of local San Diego station Magic 925, are friends who grew up here in San Diego’s Fourth District. These Encanto boys, brought a new concept to the San Diego craft beer scene, Mexican-American lager.

Roll Out will be selling Cerveza Xteca at upcoming roller derby games to help fund its nonprofit operations. These beer sales will help create opportunities for local children to participate in roller derby and roller skate activities at the new facility created by Derby United in Encanto. These sales will also help fund community open houses, art shows, health fairs and other events and activities as well as the organization’s day-to-day operations.

When asked about the new partnership, Roll Out Founder and Board Chair, Nili Goldfarb said, “When you come to an event and enjoy a delicious Xteca at the Roll Out sponsored bar, you are buying a delicious beer. However, you are also supporting a Chicano brewer and local business owners. You are removing financial barriers for children who want to play roller derby. You are lifting up your community and helping it thrive.” Event goers can enjoy this cold beverage and feel great about their contributions to the San Diego and District 4.

Please always enjoy Xteca responsibly. Alcoholic beverages may only be sold and consumed on-site and by guest 21 and over with valid ID. Please use designated drivers, carpooling and ride share to get to and from Roll Out events safely.

Want to read more about X-teca? Check out this great article by the San Diego Reader.


Roll Out Plans Inaugural Event

Join Roll Out Inc. for our Inaugural Open House event at Derby United Headquarters this March. The event will give community members an opportunity to tour the new facility, find out more about programs, enjoy refreshments and engage in activities. Event details to come.

Roll Out Receives Tax-Exempt Status

We are proud to announce that Roll Out Inc. has received tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. This status enables our organization to receive tax-deductible donations as well as many other benefits only afforded to corporations with 501c3 exemption.

Roll Out Inc looks forward to using this status as a tool to better service our mission and our community.

Employer Identification Number: 83-2773581

First Meeting of the Roll Out Board

In a North County dining room, the first board meeting of Roll Out was called to order on November 21, 2020. With bylaws and officers in place and the first community event planning underway, this board is ready to start the roll out.

Board Chair – Nili Goldfarb
Secretary – Tatiana Dupuy
Treasurer – Jamie King
Member at Large – Carol Dayn
Member at Large – Leah Steinhardt

Gearing Up for 2020

With founding board members in place, Roll Out Inc. begins its plan for good works in conjunction with the January 18th, 2020 opening of the new District 4 roller derby facility, Derby United HQ.

Stay tuned for more information on the inaugural event. Visit Roll Out’s booth in Vendor Village at this and other roller derby games at the Derby United.

Let’s Roll Out

roll out /ˈrōlout/

  1. [MARKETING] to unveil a new product or service
    This non-profit organization will roll out their new offerings to the community.
  2. [ROLLER DERBY] to take get to the track and start skating
    All skaters to the track. Roll out!

Our Mission: Roll Out expands access to roller derby, roller skating and community activities for youth and adults, while promoting a culture of athleticism, empowerment, inclusion and respect.

Our Values: Values: Roll Out values community connection through shared experience, empowerment, inclusion, respect, and continuous improvement (as individuals and as an organization).

Our Vision: Roll Out envisions a world where communities focus on their members’ physical, social and emotional development to be better equipped to successfully navigate life’s challenges with greater confidence.